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Climbing the staircase above Monaco
submitted by: nicolethexplorer
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Climbing the staircase above Monaco

submitted by: nicolethexplorer


I got a new watch. It’s weird, I haven’t worn a watch since I was in college. Since kind of a long time. But I got a watch. And I put it on my wrist today and I had this moment where I remembered something old.

This memory of someone putting a watch on my wrist. Helping me with the buckle. And I’m little. Maybe first grade. Second grade. The grade when you are very excited to wear a watch.

And that snug feeling when someone buckles it kind of tightly for you. Like when you lace up your sneakers really tightly and it feels really good.

I can’t remember how or what this is about. I can’t remember the watch. I can’t remember who got it for me. All I have left is the feeling of it, that happy, safe thing ticking away on my wrist.

It must have been digital, right? It was digital. I was born in 1980. Come on, it was digital. And it was purple. It was obviously purple.

But my new watch ticks. You can hear it when it’s very quiet. I heard it in my office today. I had it on, and then I took it off because it didn’t match the rest of my jewelry. I get overly concerned about matching sometimes. It’s a thing with me. And I had it under a piece of paper, because at work, I throw paper around sometimes. That’s what it means to work in an office. The endless throwing of endless, meaningless paper. And I could hear it, this soothing little noise.

I am amazed, actually, that my life ever gets that quiet. But it does. Quiet enough to hear a tick. Tick.

In my other life, she said.

So I met Zac Hanson in 2004. And it was brief. And I didn’t really plan on talking to him, because I’m not really a Zac girl and because Isaac and Taylor exist. But as I was walking by him, he beckoned me over with one finger. Like, come hither, you. Like in a movie, I swear to God. 

And he kind of made me lean in close to him, to hear what he was going to say. And when I got there, he said, very close to my face, “I’m like buttah.” 

It was probably one of the weirdest moments of my life. I just laughed. And laughed. 




This post speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Excellent graph! Fits most situations, if you don’t know whether to use 'tu' or 'vous', in French.

Heeelarious.  I feel like italianate would appreciate this.

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This tomb in Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans is believed to be the inspiration for Lestat’s grave in Interview with the Vampire.

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Something awesome, surreal and possibly even a little bit magical is happening on a quiet street in the Toxteth district of Liverpool, England. Every night, when the clock strikes 10:00pm, the sliding storefront shutter on a derelict building opens to reveal a radiant blue tank of water filled with live, luminous jellyfish silently swimming around the space.

This dreamlike scene is a site-specific art installation created by artistic duo Walter Hugo & Zoniel for the Liverpool Biennial. Entitled The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Someone Living, the piece was not promoted in advance in any way. Instead it simply started happening and will continue making its punctual 10pm appearance until July 27, 2014.

If you can’t make it to Liverpool before the end of the month, you can click here to watch some video footage of the installation, which was shared by Neal Bryant.

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Rock and roll adolescent hoodlums storm the streets of all nations.
— William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch
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